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Callao is a Barangaroo restaurant exploring the union of Japanese and Peruvian elements in Nikkei cuisine. The contemporary space is splashed with elements of clay, raw and textured materials, and homages to Peru’s rainbow mountain Vinicuna.

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Hospitality Magazine

Sydney’s local Nikkei food landscape has a new addition, with Callao opening its doors to the public in the heart of Barangaroo. The venue is the latest addition for the team behind Wild Sage and Alegre Bar and Dining, which continues to grow its CBD portfolio.

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Is Sydney’s dining scene finally ready to embrace the Peruvian party? Top chefs are already embracing Peruvian cooking around the world. With the arrival of the 104-seater Callao at Barangaroo, the cuisine is beginning to make waves in the harbour city too.

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Concrete Playground

Massive New 104-Seat Peruvian Restaurant Callao Has Just Opened Its Doors in Barangaroo Callao is the stunning new Nikkei diner that's bringing a crudo- and steak-heavy menu to Barangaroo Avenue.

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Eat Drink Play

Step Into Callao, Where Japanese Precision Meets Peruvian Vibrancy In A celebration Of Nikkei Cuisine. Forget what you know about sushi and ceviche – Callao reimagines traditional dishes with a Nikkei twist.

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Good Food

When Callao restaurant opens at Barangaroo in Sydney this week, it joins a long underrepresented but now fast-growing niche: Peruvian-influenced food in the harbour city.

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